The Sounds of Wonder Fair Vol. 1: Jade Rose The Valley LP

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  • Experience the soothing Sounds of Wonder Fair in your own home today with this beautiful vinyl edition of Jade Rose's "The Valley." Limited to 300 copies in anti-static packaging screen-printed at LFK Press in Lawrence, Kansas.

    At the end of October 2019, Wonder Fair celebrated the release of two site-specific sound works commissioned for their 841 Massachusetts location: a soundtrack for the retail space and a volume of recordings from Hunted Bathroom.  

    Late last year, Wonder Fair commissioned Jade Rose (DIY electronics and synthesizer boss who recently relocated from Lawrence to Boston) to record a soundtrack for their retail space. The project was inspired by Kankyō Ongaku*, the synthesizer-driven Japanese environmental music of the early 1980’s where sound works were often composed for physical spaces. “We remain uninterested in selling things online, so we continue to look for creative ways to invest in the space that our store physically inhabits in order to make it a compelling place to visit and shop,” says Wonder Fair owner Paul DeGeorge, who led the project.

    Just a couple short months after discussing the project with DeGeorge, Jade Rose delivered The Valley a work of breathtaking beauty that will enchant visitors for many years to come (see our interview with Rose on page 2). Over the course of The Valley’s 7-song, 52-minute run time, Rose evolves a series of motifs in ways that are both meditative and rousing. According to Rose, the work was “written to evoke and accompany the subtle, evolving patterns that permeate daily life.” The Valley has been seamlessly incorporated into Wonder Fair, where it features in frequent rotation and offers customers a playful yet contemplative accompaniment to their time spent browsing. Wonder Fair is proud to release a take-home edition of this wonderful recording in a limited edition of 300 black vinyl copies packaged in screen-printed, anti-static sleeves.

    Available digitally via Bandcamp.