1 What even is happening at Wonder Fair now?
1.1 Is the store reopen?

Yes, but with more limited hours. Please check wonderfair.com to see our current hours or call the store at 785-856-3247 to inquire. 

1.2 How do I place an order for pickup? It keeps asking for my shipping address...

You are so close! All orders need to have an address associated with them – even the ones for pickup. Just go ahead and enter a "shipping" address and on the next screen you'll be able to select "Pickup in Store" as your delivery option. 

1.3 Do you have more products available than what's in your web shop?

YOU BET.  We have over 10,000 products in our brick-and-mortar shop-turned-fulfillment-center, and only have abut 1000 on the web shop; in particular, we have many more greeting cards, art supplies, enamel pins, notebooks, writing tools, sticker sheets, art prints... etc. ad nauseum. If you'd like help finding something that might be at WF, give us a call during our open hours and we'll help you out!

1.4 Where is Dave? How's he doin'?

Dave now commutes between work and home with his Wonder Fair pals Paul and Meredith.  Dave very much enjoys sitting on our screened-in porch plotting bird and squirrel murder, but ONLY in his mind. He is learning to enjoy car commutes, and doing great! 

1.5 Can you still do special orders for me?

Yep! Our primary art supply distributor is still shipping supplies to us quickly. Many of our independent makers are still able to fulfill orders and maintain their business from the safety of their homes and studios. While it's a challenging time for small business, we're also uniquely able to draw upon our strong network of other small and indies to keep our ships afloat, even as the tide is changing! Go indies! 

1.6 Are you still doing local deliveries?

Not at this time. With our store reopened, we needed to discontinue local delivery – at least for the time being. If there is demand, maybe we will bring it back. Like most folks these day, we find it hard to foresee what the future may hold.

2 What about Gift Cards?
2.1 I have some Wonder Fair wooden tender (aka a gift card), can I use that to purchase online?

Unfortunately no. If you have a Wonder Fair gift card and would like to use it to make a purchase while our store is closed to visitors, we suggest calling in your order and arranging for a contact-less pickup at our store. This is the only way we're currently able to accept wooden tender for purchases. 

2.2 Can I purchase a gift card to use in the online store?

We can make this happen but it is just a little more complicated than it should be. Give us a call or send an email to [email protected] and we will get it worked out.