Special Surprise Gift Wrapping / ONE GIFT

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  • This is *so* much more than a bag. Choose between Anytime/Special Occassion Gift Wrapping or Christmas/Holiday Gift Wrap, and we'll take it from there!

    Ready in the flashest of flashes, we'll fancifully gift wrap your items to send along to their final destination! Included in gift wrapping is paper, tissue, twine, probably some festive pom poms, maybe a cinnamon stick, possibly confetti, and a to/from message card upon request. Please let us know in the COMMENT field at checkout what message you would like to include with your gift (if any), and/or what names you would like us to put in the to/from field of your message card. 


    Each $5 gift wrap can be for either a single item from your order, or a group of items boxed and wrapped together as a single gift. For folks purchasing multiple items who would like them divided up and wrapped as multiple individual gifts, please purchase multiples of our gift wrap item, and let us know which items to group together in for each package + wrap purchase. :)  

    If you have any additional special guidance for us as we select from our trove of gift wraps (for example, you might prefer we use something kid-friendly, or appropriate for a wedding, or totally bananas), please also let us know this information in the comment box at checkout; we will strive to accommodate almost any general request!

    'Tis but the work of a moment.