"Rooting for the People" Kansas Holistic Defenders Stickers Sunflower (all proceeds benefit Kansas Holistic Defenders!)

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  • All proceeds from the sales of these vinyl stickers will be donated to Kansas Holistic Defenders, Douglas County’s critically important public defense office. KHD was founded a few short years ago with a vision to replace our standard slate of underfunded/overworked helicopter legal defense systems with a more progressive and holistic approach to legal representation, where poor and working-class Kansans always have effective, zealous, comprehensive representation, rooted in a model of community care.

    Expanding the definition and scope of what public defense means in our society, KHD works to prevent unnecessary and wrongful incarceration, while concurrently working to expose and address the root causes of involvement in the legal system. That means lawyers working as a team with social workers, advocates and the community to ensure that clients have support inside the courtroom and out. It’s a small piece in one of the defining struggles of our time: ending mass incarceration. Like KHD, we want to live in a community where EVERYONE has the opportunity to thrive, and getting there is going to take all of us working together with whatever tools each of us has available.

    Size: 3" x 3.25"