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  • Note: please choose "free in-store" pickup to pay $0 on the digital delivery of this item! 

    This online-only variant of our Wooden Tender™ gift card system is for folks who would like to share the joy of shopping at Wonder Fair with a friend or loved one who lives far away, or who prefers (or needs) to do their shopping from the comfort of home. Please note, this version of our gift card can be spent on online purchases only, made at

    If you're looking for a physical gift card that folks can spend in person at our brick-and-mortar storefront, please instead purchase one of our classic, wooden-nickel-styled analog gift cards. You'll find them linked in the "related products" section below.

    Sure you want to proceed with your pivot to digital gift card technology? To surf the World Wide Wonder Web right into their email inbox? Then let's continue!

    Here's how our electronic "Shopping Spree" gift card works:

    Within 24 hours of purchasing an electronic gift card from this web site, *you* (not the recipient) will receive an email from us via [email protected]. The email will include a fanciful Shopping Spree illustration, a message about how to spend the gift card, and a SECRET COUPON CODE that the recipient can use at checkout toward a purchase at This coupon code will be unique to the recipient and good for one use only, so it is important that the recipient spends the entire amount of their gift card in one single, awesome, epic electronic Shopping Spree!¹ 

    After you receive our email, you can either forward it along to the recipient (adding your own message if you'd like), or print out and gift a hard copy of the email to your recipient. Either way, the recipient will be able to use their secret code for their shopping spree immediately, and should spend it all in one place/time within two years from issue date.²

    Hoping to purchase more than one shopping spree, for multiple recipients? No problem! Just choose the value of card for your first recipient, add their chosen Name, and add it to the cart.  Then, you can return to this item page again to choose another value/name/add to cart, and so on.  You'll end up with multiple Shopping Sprees in your cart, all attached to the name of their recipients, and that's the way we like it! 

    So, if you're ready, scroll back up and start placing your Shopping Spree orders. Thanks for helping us in this fledgling attempt to improve our online shop offerings! 


    And now, FOOTNOTES! For people who love details and reading fine print.

    1. On maximizing the one-time-use Secret Coupon Code.

    Our e-commerce system cannot currently make/redeem "credit card" style gift card codes, so, we've created this coupon code workaround. The trade off is that we cannot track the value of a gift card easily, or store its value in our system. So, it's best for folks to use the whole thing in one trip through the checkout! Here are some examples of how this works.

    For example: Let's say you gift someone a $25 gift card. They fill their Wonder Fair Home Shopping cart to include items, tax, and shipping costs totaling $31.46. During checkout, they enter and apply their SECRET COUPON CODE--their total will drop by $25, and they'll only need to pay the remaining $6.46 with their own form of payment to complete their entire purchase. Success!

    However, if their total purchase is only, say, $24.40, Hooray! Their coupon code once applied will cover their entire purchase. However, the remaining 60 cent balance of their Shopping Spree will be vanished into the ether. (Because the coupon code has one use only, this balance can't be retained for a future use/purchase.) By request, we can work individually with folks to regenerate new codes for any substantial remaindered balances, but please note, this is a fully manual process, and we are not able to re-gift balances under $5. Thus, we strongly urge folks to take us up on the challenge to max out their single-use shopping spree! They can even use their original Shopping Spree to buy MORE Shopping Sprees or physical Wooden Tender gift cards, to help use up any unused balances and save them for future purchases! Wheeeeeee!!!

    2. On Shopping Spree Expiration Dates.

    Why the expiration date? Because unlike with our physical wooden tender (which lasts forever or until your dog eats it,) e-commerce technology evolves quickly and may become obsolete with time. Because we have a bit less control over our web shop, its components, and coupon codes, we want to set a realistic timeframe to ensure coupon codes will be viable at time of use.