Kaweco Sport Skyline Fountain Pen

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  • In 1911 something remarkable by the name of Kaweco Sport was created. This pocket fountain pen only measures 10.5 cm when closed, making it easy to bring with you everywhere you go. With the cap posted on the end of the pen, it extends to a more average pen size of 13 cm.

    The pen body is made from high-quality, colorful plastic. The Skyline Sport features a chrome-plated steel nib.

    You can choose between five nib sizes from extra fine (EF) to extra broad (BB). If you're not sure, which size you want or need, we recommend the medium nib size. All nibs, as well as the entire fountain pen, are made in Germany.

    This pen comes with one blue ink cartridge. The cartridge comes inside the barrel of the pen. If the cartridge seems to be stuck inside the barrel, try gently tapping the barrel against a hard surface a few times to dislodge it.