Fountain Pen Ink Color Liner - 0.5mm

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  • Do you have too many inks and not enough fountain pens? This innovative felt tip pen from Japanese company Kakimori allows you to add your favorite fountain pen ink to a Micron-style barrel.

    From the manufacturer:

    An artist’s tool

    • The 0.5mm tip is a perfect size for casual note taking. It’s versatile, all-purpose and also makes an excellent artist’s tool for drawing outlines.

    Easy to assemble and use

    • Fill with ink once, with no need for refills or maintenance. Make your own pen in around a minute. Also suitable for little writers.

    Left-hander friendly

    • Unlike fountain pens, the felt tip is also easy for left-handed writers to use.

    Gift your favorite color

    • Fill with your favorite ink color to create a gift with a personal touch. A great way to share your bottle of ink with others.