I'm Sorry Father's Day Is Tough Card

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  • "I'm sorry Father's Day is tough for you."

    Father's Day is supposed to be a happy occasion, but for many, it's a really tough day. Maybe you've lost your dad, or you've chosen to disengage from him to take care of yourself. Maybe you know a father who's lost his child or doesn't have custody of his kids. Whatever the reason, if you have a friend who's having a tough time around this holiday, send them this card and let them know you're there for them.

    Single greeting card with matching kraft paper envelope.

    Each folded notecard measures about 5.5" w x 4.25" h (13.97 cm x 10.80 cm), A2 size

    Whimsical hand-drawn illustration of mountains under a moonlit sky, with a handwritten message, "I'm sorry Father's Day is tough for you." on the front.

    Blank interior

    Printed on white 100% recycled card stock in USA.