D&D 5e Field Notes Game Master Journal (2-pack)

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  • A good GM deserves a journal worthy of the tales they spin. Whether creating a magnum opus for a years-long campaign, or setting the scene for a series of smaller adventures, our Game Master Journal has you covered.

    This Game Master Journal is the perfect companion for the big-picture world-building that so many GMs strive for. Whether using official sourcebooks or homebrewing your own lands for your party to explore, the Game Master Journal is a book no GM should be without.

    Inside each Game Master Journal you’ll find empty charts, tables, hex grids, and spaces for logging the following campaign information:

    Campaign Name / Players
    House Rules
    World Overview / Principles
    Core Assumptions / Genres
    Major Pantheon / Minor Pantheon
    Maps / Kingdoms / Settlements / Locations
    Key NPCs / Secondary NPCs
    Player Characters
    Major Factions / Minor Factions
    Key Monsters
    Key Magic Items
    Downtime Activities Underway
    Milestone / XP Awards
    Random Tables