Acryla Gouache 12-Color Master Set

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  • Made with a pure water-soluble acrylic resin, Acryla Gouache is brilliant, lightfast and permanent, and moves, reacts, blends and feels like traditional gouache. However, unlike a traditional gouache which is made with a gum Arabic binder. It does not have a fragile paint film, is compatible with any water-soluble media and is waterproof when dry. It also does not shift in color tone from liquid to dry color. Ideal for artists, designers, illustrators, students and hobbyists. This 12-color set includes burnt sienna, carmine, deep yellow, jet black, lemon yellow, light green, scarlet, sky blue, ultramarine blue, violet and viridian in 20ml tubes and a 40ml tube of titanium white.

    Note: this set is identical to the "Lesson" set of a similar price, but this set includes a larger 40ml tube of titanium white paint (the most commonly used color in mixing, typically).