Wonder Fair's Set of Writing Pencils

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  • The pencils in this set all have excellent point retention, allowing you to write continuously without stopping to re-sharpen. When you do sharpen, the result will be a solid and sharp-pointed companion that is ready to write.

    Represented in this set are 7 pencils in varying grades of graphite and singular design:

    • Blackwing 602 (USA/Japan)
    • Viking Element 1 (Denmark)
    • Kitaboshi Academic Writing Pencil 9606 (Japan)
    • Mitsubishi 9850  (Japan)
    • Tombow 2558 (Japan)
    • Caran d’Ache Scots Pine Swiss Wood (Switzerland) 
    • Apsara Absolute (India) 

    Blackwing 602 (Firm):
    Anyone who’s delved into the world of pencils is familiar with the myth and history surrounding the legendary Blackwing pencil. Its iconic (and easy to replace) rectangular eraser makes it a favorite among writers and artists. The Blackwing 602 is a nod to the company’s original product: a sleek silver pencil whose graphite was both firm enough to stand up to longform writing and dark enough to make a clearly legible mark. Like that of its ancestor, the modern 602’s barrel is emblazoned with Blackwing’s memorable slogan: half the pressure, twice the speed.

    Viking Element 1:
    The Element 1 is Viking’s more premium pencil for writers. This pencil hits all the marks; its smooth matte finish, hexagonal barrel, and great point retention pairs for a comfy, cozy writing experience that will make you want to put that pencil to the paper for hours on end - a rival to the Blackwing 602 at half the price!

    Kitaboshi Academic Writing Pencil 9606:
    With its bright white marshmallow eraser and handsome burgundy lacquer with gold embossing, the Kita-boshi Academic Writing pencil is a real looker. Kita-boshi is a small, family-owned, Japanese pencil company that is quite precious (seriously y’all, their factory has an awning in the shape on a sharpened pencil top!). Their president, Kazutoshi Sugiya encourages you to “Please sharpen yourself, make an effort, dream big, and realize it.”

    Mitsubishi 9850
    When David Rees, author of How to Sharpen Pencils, visited Wonder Fair in 2015, we asked him for some pencil recommendations and he put the Mitsubishi 9850 at the top of his list. It lays down a silky smooth line and comes with a quality eraser. Designated “For Office Use,” we find this pencil to be just about perfect for everyday use.

    Tombow 2558
    If you want that yellow pencil aesthetic, but a huge upgrade in quality, check out the Tombow 2558. If you get deep into the world of pencils – and we’ve dipped in a bit here at Wonder Fair – you start to see lots of people claiming that the 2558 is their favorite pencil. The wood is White Fir, the core has that classic Japanese smoothness, and pencil review blog Lead Fast says, “This is the single best attached eraser on the planet.”

    Caran d’Ache Scots Pine Swiss Wood
    This beauty is made from pine wood from the Valais forests (COBS certified) and high quality HB graphite lead made with natural clay. The unlacquered, natural wood feel of this pencil is a rare, earthy treat. If you’ve ever wanted to impress with a $5 pencil, you can show them this one.

    Apsara Absolute
    The Apsara Absolute is the topmost of Hindustan’s line of Apsara pencils. The Absolute marries a smooth writing experience with a hard graphite, making it great for both longform writing and tonal sketching. Wonder Fair owner Meredith Moore even says, “I like the color of grey it draws with!”