"Vignette" Field Notes Pocket Notebooks

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  • The graph paper Memo Books in these 3-Packs feature a clever die-cut pocket that allows you to include your own image — any image — as an integrated part of the cover design. Ideal for adding a picture of someone special, for example, your beautiful orange angel cat?  That's just us.  These vignette covers can easily hold a little memory of anything special to you, while the pages of the notebook itself also preserve your handy lists, quick notes, and special memories! 

    Field Notes, notorious and beautiful verbose unicorns, have more to say about these notebooks:

    Two stippled “Charcoal Gray” books and one super-bright “Terra Green” book make up each 3-Pack. We’ve also included a set of Field Notes-themed insert cards for you to play around with, to see how the “Vignette” personalization system works. But after you try those out, get to work on your own. Because that’s what this release is really all about.

    Vig App Phone Pair X

    To that end, there’s a tool in each pack to frame and crop existing images (or fabric samples, maps, anything flat, really) to the proper size. We’ve also made a simple web app to shoot, adapt, share, and print your own personal digital photos, as “vignettes.” We can’t wait to see how you personalize these. Please share your customizations on social media with the tag #myownfieldnotes and we’ll feature them.

    Try the “Vignette” Edition Personalizer App.

    Designing and manufacturing these books was a fun challenge, but the most exciting part was knowing that we would never finish them. We left that up to you.