Memoterior for Ballpoint

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  • Kamiterior's "For Ballpoint Pen" pad features papers of varying colors and tooth best suited for ballpoint pens. Each notepad contains 20 sheets of these 5 kinds of paper:

    FC Dream- Silk-like touch and clean white create rich expressive power. A printer paper developed as a full-color multifunctional paper even though it is a non-coated paper.

    Cream book A- Clear cream color on a matte surface with low gloss. It is a thin sheet of paper with a slightly firm texture and high writing aptitude.

    Marshmallow CoC Snow White- With the clear white of Japan's top class, you can enjoy the reproduction of colorful gradations. It is a high-grade printing paper that has a soft feel like powder snow and a robustness that does not easily get tired even after repeated use.

    Neue Gray- Neue means "new" in German. With its flexible paper quality and high opacity, it can be used for a wide range of applications such as books, envelopes, and notebooks.

    Peacock Kent- This Kent paper is suitable for writing fine lines, as the core slides smoothly and without resistance on an extremely flat paper surface. The outstanding white enhances the color of the ink.
    100 pages per notepad, measures 3.2" x 5"