Jibun Techo Days Mini 2023 Yellow

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  • Here is a summarized overview of the DAYs Mini's outstanding features, provided by the manufacturer:

    Like the JIBUN_TECHO Standard, the DAYs planner uses KOKUYO's own THIN paper. Lightweight and low in show-through, it resists warping even when you rub out erasable ink.
    * Compared with Tomoe River paper.

    Divided in 2 books for portability

    The DAYs planner comes as a set of two six-month diaries. Each of these is about the same thickness as a regular JIBUN_TECHO DIARY, making it easy to carry around.

    24- hour timeline runs down the center of the page

    Our new design lets you keep two separate logs side by side, such as your work and family schedules, or your to-do list and life log. It's now easier to customize schedules to suit your own needs.

    Using the page-a-day format, a 24-hour timeline runs vertically down the page’s central axis, leaving space for two separate logs, one on either side. At the top of the timeline, forming the horizontal bar of the “T” shape, dates are given for three weeks’ worth of days. The next day, the horizontal axis shifts one square to the left, making it easier to keep track of whereabouts you are in the week.

    List of 100 things to try and Customizable List sections

    Use this spread to write a list of 100 things you want to try this year. This list will keep you feeling positive and motivated on a daily basis. A customizable list section lets you create additional lists. You can keep separate lists of books you want to read, films you’ve seen, gifts you've received, and so on, making the details easy to find and remember.

    Monthly index pages

    The monthly index page is the ideal place to summarize your goals and events for the month. You can organize them by theme, making them easier to remember. There is an index page before the first day of each month.


    The DAYs mini also features yearly overview spreads, an opportunity to look back on your year, monthly spreads, questionnaires, and more.

    B6 Slim(H190×W120mm)with clear PVC cover

    112 pages per six month diary