Fight TERFS Enamel Pin

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  • Do you want to show the world that you disagree with trans-exclusionary feminist ideology? If so, consider wearing this pin, but more importantly, use your voice to reach out and have dialogue with people who may be taken in by TERF ideologies, dogwhistles, and false narratives!

    Reactionary TERF ideology thrives among people who are already responding with anxiety and fear to changing norms of expression and terminology. But if you are cisgender, you can open up conversation with people who may have questions and anxieties about the increased visibility of transgender people--so proponents of reductive and harmful narratives about trans people can't take advantage of their confusion and fear. This work also helps to create a dialogue where trans people aren't put into positions where they are expected to make sweeping arguments about the metaphysics of gender when asking for liberation and the means of survival!

    Wow... Fighting TERF ideology is a tough battle, but don't you feel inspired to use your voice to help the struggle for trans liberation?