Stampables Double Ended Scented Markers

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  • There’s a whole world of coloring and drawing possibilities with Stampables scented double-ended stamp markers. Stampables are set of 18 colorful stamp markers with two different ends; one for brush tip coloring and the other end is for stamping. Enjoy coloring in the finest detail with a marker brush tip that makes it feel like you are painting. Turn the marker around and now you have a cute stamp design to embellish your artwork. Stampables have 18 markers each with a different color, stamp and scent. Imagine coloring with merry mint scented happy hearts, fruity punch scented butterflies and blueberry scented diamonds. There’s so much to choose from. Stampables are also washable on smooth surfaces; just use soapy water on hands or smooth surfaces. Lastly Stampables scented markers come in a reusable carrying case which makes storing and traveling easy. Suitable for ages 4 and up.

    Double ended stamp markers
    Set of 18 markers with a brush tip on one end and a stamp on the other
    18 unique colors, designs and scents
    Washable - comes off hands or smooth surfaces easily with soap and water
    Reusable case for easy travel and storage
    Suitable for ages 4 and up.