FINSTA Best Internet Friends Gift Set

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  • One for you, one for your bestie: this perfectly paired set stars an "Internet Friends" enamel pin set ready to be split and shipped between two BFFS to keep you close even when circumstances keep you apart. Your twinning continues with a pair of Kokuyo IDEA notebooks, Crystal Platinum Preppy fountain pens (with black ink), and algorithm-proof Instagram sticky memo notes. A perfect gift set for the person who wants to keep their to-do lists close and their friends list closer.

    Please note-- since this kit contains, essentially, two of everything, it's also a gift for *you*! Be sure to open and remove 1/2 of your BFF enamel pin, a memo pad, notebook, and fountain pen for yourself before sending along the other half of your kit to your pal. :)  It's not selfish-- it's sharing!