Class Kit ART 121: Fundamentals of Printmaking with Sarah Pickett SP21

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  • ***NOTE: This kit does not include paper, HOWEVER, you will probably also need to purchase some sheets of paper of your choice when you pick up your Kit! ***

    Brought to you by Wonder Fair, this pre-assembled kit is for KU students enrolled in ART 121 with instructor Sarah Pickett. This kit contains the CORE items required for the course, primarily for beginning-level students (though higher-level students may wish to purchase the kit to supplement their existing supplies at the highest possible discount).

    For all levels of students, additional supplemental materials commonly found at home or purchased through class funds (paper towels, additional drawing tools, ink, etc.) may also be required as the semester progresses. The materials in this CORE KIT have been specifically selected by instructors to ensure students have the materials required to begin the semester and complete your first projects successfully. When picking up this kit

    Students who already own parts of this kit are welcome to purchase only a portion of the complete kit, by visiting the shop in person to indicate which items to remove from the kit. Students in quarantine can also buy a simplified kit by calling Wonder Fair during business hours, to complete the special purchase and delivery request by phone, Mon-Sat 10am-8pm, Sunday 10am-6pm, 785-856-3247.) We are happy to accommodate any request!  

    Complete Core Kits, which can be purchased Online or In-Store, Include:

    • Lino Cutter Tool and Assorted Blades
    • 1 5x7 unmounted linoleum block
    • 2 9x12 unmounted linoleum blocks
    • Etching needle with fanciful safety cap