Class Kit: Art 102 Fall 2021 Instructor Fitz Fitsimmons

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  • This pre-assembled kit is for KU students enrolled in Art 102 Drawing II with Fitz Fitzsimmons. This kit contains the CORE items required for the course, primarily for beginning-level students (though higher-level students may wish to purchase the kit to supplement their existing supplies at the highest possible discount).

    For all levels of students, additional supplemental materials commonly found at home (paper towels, additional drawing tools, tape, etc.) may also be required as the semester progresses. The materials in this CORE KIT have been specifically selected by instructors to ensure students have the materials required to begin the semester and complete your first projects successfully.

    Students who already own parts of this kit are welcome to purchase only a portion of the complete kit, by visiting the shop in person to indicate which items to remove from the kit. Students in quarantine can also buy a simplified kit by calling Wonder Fair during business hours, to complete the special purchase and delivery request by phone, Mon-Sat 10am-8pm, Sunday 10am-6pm, 785-856-3247.) We are happy to accommodate any request!  

    Complete Core Kits, which can be purchased Online or In-Store, Include:

    Waterproof Black Higgins Ink 1oz 

    Watercolor Brush Set of 12

    Watercolor Sketcher Pocket Box Set of 12 

    Soft Pastel Half Sticks Set of 24

    Strathmore Newsprint 300 Series 18" x 24"

    Canson XL Mixed Media Pad 18" x 24"

    Canson XL Mixed Media Sketchbook 11" x 14" 

    Self Healing Cutting Mat 9" x 12"

    #1 Xacto Knife With Safety Cap

    Matte Mod Podge 8oz

    Multipurpose Adhesive Spray 7.3oz

    Rubber Cement 4oz

    Clear Mailing Tape

    Tan Mailing Tape

    Gummed Paper Tape


    Workable Spray Fix 11oz

    Artist Tool Box

    Drawing Tote Board 23" x 26"

    Drawing Mannequin 12"

    Tombow Mono Twin Black Permanent Marker

    Cardboard Portfolio 26" x 33"

    Peel & Sketch Medium Charcoal

    Peel & Sketch Soft Charcoal

    Uni-ball Signo Black Gel Pen

    Mechanical Eraser Pen

    Art Gum Eraser

    Large Kneaded Eraser

    Conte Crayons Matchbox Set x 2

    Willow Charcoal 3 Sticks

    Soft Vine Charcoal 3 Sticks

    Medium Vine Charcoal 3 Sticks

    Jumbo Charcoal 3 Pack 2B, 4B, 6B

    Compress Charcoal Set of 4 Sticks 

    Charcoal Pencils HB, 2B, 4B, 6B & White

    Drawing Pencils HB, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B, 7B, 8B, 9B

    Kimberly Graphite Stick 2B

    Pick Up/Delivery Options (you will select your preference at checkout):

    "Free Pick Up In Store": Kits can be pre-ordered online, and picked up at Wonder Fair (841 Massachusetts St., Lawrence, KS) during our regular business hours after Saturday, August 21. Please choose this method if you have additional art supplies to purchase at Wonder Fair; all art supplies purchased at time of pick-up in store will also be discounted 30% as a special perk for students purchasing a class kit online or in person. Please note that masks are required for all customers visiting Wonder Fair, and our staff is fully vaccinated for our safety and yours.

    "Classroom Delivery": Kits can be pre-ordered online, and we will deliver your kit to your classroom at the beginning of your next class meeting, during the first week of classes (August 23-27). Please note--orders must be placed and payment complete at least 5 hours before the delivery window to ensure our staff has time to receive your order, and assemble and deliver your paid kit. For this course, kits will be delivered to CHALMERS HALL, ROOM 409/410 at 5:30pm on Tuesday 8/24 and Thursday 8/26. 

    Shop in Person: Prefer to purchase your kit in person, to customize your kit, or do additional shopping?  No problem! Masks are required at Wonder Fair, and we are open Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm, and Sunday 10am-6pm. Students who purchase a class kit will receive 30% off any additional supplies purchased alongside their kit. All students receive a 20% off Back-to-School discount on all art supplies at Wonder Fair, regardless of kit purchase, through September 16, 2021. 

    Shipping Note: This kit is available for pickup at Wonder Fair or local/classroom delivery ONLY!  If you need your kit shipped via USPS/UPS, please call the store (785-856-3247) for a domestic shipping quote. Thank you!