Analogue Quartet Mixed Film Pack 35mm

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  • Sample a selection of Lomography’s 35 mm films - two cool color-shifters and two beautiful black and whites. Desaturate colors, mute tones, and make contrasts pop with the unique chemical formula of the LomoChrome Metropolis and turn your world into a beautiful, bewildering wonderland with the LomoChrome Purple. Then create classic fine grain structure and subtle contrast with the powerful and poetic Potsdam Kino before rendering everlasting monochrome charm from the streets to the studio with Berlin Kino.

    For the first time ever, you can try out our fantastic 35 mm films, one at a time, and discover which is your favorite before committing to a full pack of 5 or 10! Complete with LomoChrome Metropolis, LomoChrome Purple, Potsdam Kino and Berlin Kino, the Analogue Quartet lets you move through phrases of glorious grayscale and monochrome melodies to color crescendos and high contrast harmonies. Packaged in irresistibly individualised tin cans and complete with a FREE legendary Lomography Keychain, this is a perfect gift set for you or a friend. Four times the fun at your fingertips!

    Package Includes:
    One Roll Lomochrome Purple 35mm Film in a tin can
    One Roll Lomochrome Metropolis 35mm in a tin can
    One Roll Berlin Kino 35mm Film in a tin can
    One Roll Potsdam Kino 35mm Film in a tin can
    Free Lomography Keychain (Get surprised by one of these 3 Keychains: Diana Chrome, Fisheye No. 2, or Lubitel!)


    Additional Information
    SKU f436mx4
    Film Format 35 mm
    Film Type Mixed
    ISO Mixed
    DX code No
    Development Mixed
    Exposures 36
    Pack Size 1