Analogue Duet Mixed Film Pack 35mm

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  • Sample Lomography’s coolest, color-shifting 35 mm films. Desaturate colors, mute tones, and make contrasts pop with the unique chemical formula of the LomoChrome Metropolis and turn your world into a beautiful, bewildering wonderland with the LomoChrome Purple.

    For the first time ever, you can try out these fantastic 35 mm films, one at a time, and discover which is your favorite before committing to a full pack of 5 or 10! The Analogue Duet lets you sample our sensational color-shifters - LomoChrome Metropolis and LomoChrome Purple - and create your own color crescendos with these two trippy color negatives. Packaged in irresistibly individualised tin cans and complete with a FREE legendary Lomography Keychain, this is a perfect little gift set for you or a friend. Take your chroma creativity up an octave!

    Package Includes:
    One Roll Lomochrome Purple 35mm Film in a tin can
    One Roll Lomochrome Metropolis 35mm Film in a tin can
    Free Lomography Key Chain (Get surprised by one of these 3 Keychains: Lomo LC-A, Diana Pink, or Diana Glow!)

    Additional Information
    SKU f236mx2
    Film Format 35 mm
    Film Type Mixed
    ISO Mixed
    DX code No
    Development Mixed
    Exposures 36
    Pack Size 1