An Emotional Menagerie: Feelings from A to Z

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  • Emotions are like animals:
    No two are quite the same.
    Some are gentle; others, fierce;
    And some are hard to tame.

    Children experience all sorts of emotions, sometimes going through several very different ones before breakfast. Yet they can struggle to put these feelings into words. An inability to understand and communicate their moods can lead to bad behaviour, deep frustration and a whole host of difficulties further down the line.

    An Emotional Menagerie is an emotional glossary for children. A book of 26 rhyming poems, arranged alphabetically, that bring our feelings to life - Anger, Boredom, Curiosity, Dreaminess, Embarrassment, Fear, Guilt, and more.

    Filled with wise, therapeutic advice and brought to life through musical language and beautiful illustrations, An Emotional Menagerie is an imaginative and universally appealing way of increasing emotional literacy.