Mnemosyne A4 Notepad and PU Leather Cover

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  • Looking to make some of those office staples a bit more fancy? Mnemosyne already makes some our favorite notebooks and pads. Now they've got this gorgeous leather cover that perfect fits their A4 notepad (one notepad is included). Internal pockets? Check. Pen loop? Check. Lemme tell ya, it's just real nice. 

    Size: A4 ( Length 314 x Width 210 x Thickness 9 mm)
    Paper: MPS800 (Writing paper 80 g / m2)
    Number of sheets: 70 sheets
    Weight: 458 g
    Bookbinding: Tennori stitch
    Remarks: Special 5 mm grid ruled, cut perforated

    -Contains a special 5mm grid ruler with a date entry field that is convenient for organizing information.
    -The color of the ruled lines is light gray, which is easy to see when writing and is inconspicuous after writing.
    -The writing paper MPS 800 (80g / m2), which boasts a smooth writing feel, stimulates your sensibility.
    -Outstanding stability produced by a hard spine.
    -You can store the cut paper in a storage pocket and holder.